Which eggs should I choose


That is entirely up to you and your own personal intuition.  For further guidance see our sizes and shapes page. Each gemstone has a unique quality and we encourage you to pick your favourite colour or perhaps research the qualities and healing properties of the stones so that you can make the right decision of what will work for you. The gemstones such as rose quartz  are gentle and more fragile and must not be boiled for cleaning as they can pop or crack but they are durable and strong, and are safe to use internally and can be cleaned using warm water and tea tree oil drops or vinegar and water.

We stock different types of jade including nephrite and jadeite. The jadeite is from guatemala and are handcrafted with a vertical drill hole and are the strongest eggs on the market. These jadeite eggs are more suitable for vaginal weightlifting using the soft leather presentation pouch that we provide with our eggs as a choice, you can add stones or pebbles to the pouch and attach it to the nylon string and then dangle the pouch for extra weight which encourages you to sense more awareness to those vital muscles. Our nephrite set of three is a great set to begin with and are lower in cost and are also handcrafted and polished using only water and tumblestones – we do not allow any chemicals to be used during production.