Why Drilled? Can’t I just use an egg without a drill hole?

When starting out we recommend using a horizonal drill hole and to use a clean piece of non waxed and non mentholated dental floss to help with easy removal.  This is to give you confidence more than anything else because in time you can use an undrilled egg but to start with we don’t want you to panic if it gets stuck.  The egg will come out eventually if the thread somehow comes loose, by sitting in squat position, or laying on cushions propped up if you cannot do a squat, but you must relax and use your muscles to remove the egg.  We do not recommend using mentholated dental floss as it will sting and cause irritation.  We have found that in health shops you can get tea tree dental floss which is more agreeable or plain.  If you can’t find either of those, you can also use a silk thread that one would do cross stitch with, it’s soft and should fit through the holes easily despite being thicker than dental floss.  If you are intending on lifting weights for vaginal weightlifting then we recommend a nylon rope which is less likely to snap and drop weights on your toes! If you go to a hardwear shop they often sell nylon rope, so please take your egg and discreetly try which one will thread through the hole.