Do’s and Don’ts


  • use your egg each day around your cycle of course for 15 minutes ideally
  • remove egg after your workout and clean thoroughly and store in a safe place
  • experiment with sex using the egg if you so wish
  • tell your girl friends but only if you sense they are open to it or curious.
  • wash your eggs using warm water and vinegar solution or tea tree before each use
  • use your leather pouch included with our eggs to tie to the string and then add weights also known as vaginal weightlifting, it gives a resistance to your workout and helps further improve toning.
  • be patient and allow time for results to be felt.  15 minutes a day for one month and if done correctly hopefully you will notice an improvement.
  • be lady like when discussing your new eggs with friends because everybody’s experience with them is different.
  • make your own choices in how you want to manage your intimate muscle health it’s your vagina and it’s your choice.


leave your eggs in the reach of young children they could be a choking hazard

  • forget you have your egg in when you go for a number two!  The last thing you want is to break your porcelyn bowl or lose it in a public convenience
  • use the egg if you have a bladder infection or any kind of yeast infection.  Sometimes if our pelvic hammock is weak the egg can push against the urinary tract and prevent a full bladder from emptying and lead to infection.  It is wise to remove the egg if you have a full bladder so that it can fully empty.
  • forget you have it in when you go out dancing and have had a few drinks, it’s very easy to forget it’s there and alcohol can relax you and it might just pop out on the dance floor!
  • don’t try and lift 14kg on day 1 if you are attempting vaginal weightlifting, start with beach stones or pebbles instead.  Then move up to no more than 500 grams.  There will never be such a thing as the vaginal olympics and there is no need to compete – you may cause yourself some damage!
  • drop quartz or rose quartz eggs onto a hard floor they are likely to crack
  • boil the eggs
  • use them during menstruation
  • show off to your friends and act like you have the tightest vagina in the world on day one of getting the eggs, the vagina is not supposed to be super tight it’s actually flexible for a reason and giving birth is one of them.  Showing off is not lady like.