Tips & Hints

We believe that gemstones hold a unique energy and will rock your world with love and healing.  They come from our beautiful Mother Earth.  The gemstones radiate harmonious frequencies when handled or worn within and are a valuable gift to aid transformation and spiritual growth.  We live in times where we are constantly bombarded with electromagnetic energies from our gadgets, our phones, Wi-Fi is everywhere around us, we cannot see it but we can often feel affected by it.  We recommend natural gemstone yoni eggs  over plastic products on the market to use as a tool to enhance your kegel exercises.

Apple Green Guatemalan Jadeite


Our Jade Eggs

We sell three types of jade.  Our popular sellers are xiuyan jade which are a light green colour, more affordable and are tough and hardwearing also known as water jade in China, they are a celery green with milky light green speckles and varying shades. Many western gemologists don’t recognise xiuyan as real jade which offends the chinese as they have been crafting xiuyan for centuries and it’s really down to a matter of opinion xiuyan is rich in serpentine and we love them!.

We recently added jadeite to our catalogue which are the highest grade jade you can get anywhere on the market, Jadeite is also a great investment as the price will go up as the years go by.

Jadeite is rarer and higher in commercial value.  It’s incredible hardness allows is to take on a mirror like polish that lasts a lifetime.  There are sometimes several different shades of green in a single stone.

The nephrite jade and xiuyan jade have noble characteristics also and are a more affordable option.  It is universally thought that jadeite is the more valued of the jade stones.  Our black Guatemalan jade has a bronze sheen and is a stunningly beautiful stone with a bronze glitter effect when held up to the light.  Our nephrite eggs are 100% genuine Hetian Nephrite jade from the Xinjiang region in China.  Hetian jade comes in different colours and ours are dark green.  Our jadeite are sourced from Guatemala.

Xiuyan Jade Large Set

Xiuyan Jade Large Set


Hetian Jade from the Hotan Region in China

Hetian Nephrite Jade












Gemstones have a tendency to speak to us and we are often attracted to the ones we may need in our lives.  For instance rose quartz is known to be a love stone and is a good one to aid us in opening our heart Chakra, or giving one more self love in life when you have perhaps been hurt and need to get back to your own heart and work through a difficult time.



rose quartz set of three with soft pink weightlifting pouch in leather












Stones like black obsidian help us to face up to truths we may have been blocking ‘shed a tear but confront your fear’.  They are a great stone for somebody who needs to embrace uncertainty in life, needs psychic protection, or needs to make some positive changes, and quieten the mind. Black obsidian absorbes pain and is a grounding stone made from volcanic glass.  We also sell a set with added hematite.  Hematite is an amazing yoni stone and is rich in iron.  It’s a heavier egg and is very stimulating and grounding.  Whenever we use our hematite egg it gets us in the mood!  We put this down to it’s magnetic qualities so be warned it’s quite powerful.



black Obsidian set of three

Black Obsidian










We recommend that you use your intuition and feel which stones you are attracted too the most and begin your journey to self empowerment there.


We advise that boiling the stones is not a good idea, the only ones that can take the heat are the jadeite as they are the toughest and highest quality jade that we sell, but they don’t need to be boiled and can be cleaned using either vinegar and water – just soak them for half an hour or so.  Stones such as rose quartz and clear quartz are not suited to high temperatures and all costs must not be boiled as they will crack and pop however they do need cleansing from negative energies as they are more prone to absorbing these energies that surround us.  You can cleanse your eggs in a few different ways by either having a bowl of dry brown rice and after cleaning them using a solution of tea tree drops with warm but not hot water or a solution of one part vinegar and one part water, you can then bury them in the rice for one hour.  You can also bury them in your plant pots or outside in the garden – remember to leave a mark so you don’t forget where they are!  You can also smudge them with a Sage stick.


Our Nephrite, Xiuyan jade, Jadeite and Rose Quartz are currently certified by gemologists and we are happy to send a copy upon request by PDF.  We do not sell eggs that have been dyed with unnatural colours.