I Can Lift A Tin Of Beans With My Vagina

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I was recently invited to go on one of the biggest morning shows in the UK This Morning with delightful presenters Aemonn and Ruth.  This 5-minute slot then lead to the clip being shown on the Jimmy Kimmel show, followed by a reminder from Karl Pilkington who has seen much so-called mad stuff through his travels – my husband and I are huge Karl Pilkinton fans.  I was a bit surprised at how far this has all gone but in a way it’s a good thing because I can just imagine how many women were lifting and squeezing as they watched the show – well done if you were because that’s a great start and I did the show to raise awareness of these very important muscles.

I thought I would do a little follow up blog after catching up with family life and my normal daily activities, and my normal (spare time given) has recently been working on building my strength even further by lifting 2 kilos of conkers in a large pouch – a new personal best.  However just to clarify  – The worlds strongest vagina award goes to Tatyana Kozhevnikova from Russia who holds the Guinness world book of records title for being able to lift 14 kilos with her vaginal muscles and happens to be the lady who taught me some of the things I’ve learned about intimate muscle training also known as intimate gymnastics and we did a workshop together in the UK where I spent a whole weekend doing my training with her – it was one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve had.  Since meeting Tatyana I have developed some of my own methods too using certain breathing techniques, and different positions.

Before This Morning, a news article came out thanks to Alley Einstein about how I use weights I keep in my store cupboard like beans and marmite for my daily pelvic floor exercises.  I used some store cupboard items to grab your attention, and hope that your coffee break or water cooler moment got the conversation started ;).   Alley has been observing my journey for the past 4 years and after all the hoo-ha about jade eggs being unsafe to use due to them hitting the mainstream in 2017, I decided it was time to share my positive experiences with them and after 7 years of experience without any complications  I felt ready to share and so confidently I said yes ok!  But I knew it was a huge risk to expose myself in this way,  joking aside, it’s something I believe needs to be less of a cliche or a strange kind of circus act and more of a spoken about serious problem that both women and men suffer from – a weakened pelvic floor muscle, this can often lead to issues within a marriage, lack of sexual confidence and many women really suffer in silence so I truly hope that some of you are here because you genuinely want to address and strengthen your pelvic floor and I only want to help by sharing my positive experiences openly.

On This Morning, I shared the very embarrassing moment when I was barefoot running to get fit and back in trim and suddenly a whoosh of unexpected lack of control left me standing there shocked – it was an ‘oh no’ moment to say the least, I had basically wet myself from stress incontinence.  I had recently had my third child,IMG_4019 was 42 years of age, and due to having big babies my pelvic floor hammock was in need of a serious attention as it had been significantly weakened!  It’s not easy sharing things like this live on TV and I tried to get as much of my experience into the slot without being smutty or vulgar in any way.  I also demonstrated the use of weights by lightening the issue and using some items I have in the store cupboard.  I use these because they have the weights written on the side of the product tins or jars.  I’ve got only one regret! I wish I had time to get my roots done properly before the demonstration.

I also discussed the enormous benefits of using the jade egg to lift weights which can lead to more intense and connected vaginal orgasms and a tauter pelvic floor.  Since using the jade egg and doing much self-exploration, I was then eventually able to feel more attuned and self-confident and trust and as a result was able to let go completely and experience these god given powerful orgasms thanks to understanding intimacy on so many new levels.  I can honestly say that my sex life has never been better, and I am proud to be an older woman filled with vitality and youthful essence because in part thanks to my happy vagina.

A weak dysfunctional pelvic floor can indeed be very expensive, and various levels of padding are now presented on mainstream advertising, it has become normalized.  But is incontinence stress normal?  No it is a problem due to lack of pelvic floor muscle training.  It’s all big business.  And we need to talk about it and get moving folks! We need to stop living such sedentary lives, slouching around all day, and forgetting to engage our muscles when we cough, sneeze, or laugh, and form new habitual ways of taking more responsibility for our intimates, and this goes for men too (yes guys I know some of you are watching me, and soon i’ll have something for you too to work with).

To be expected this story has caused quite a stir with very mixed reactions, and let’s face it anything to do with vaginas can often raise a little drama. I decided to speak up as one little voice of many because for me they work a treat and it’s time that all the fear-mongering about the jade egg was put into a more balanced perspective.  Here are some of the concerns that have surrounded the Jade Egg as an intimate tool.



IMG_5788No they are not absorbent if they are good quality gemstone eggs and smoothly polished and ideally nephrite or jadeite, which at jade eggs global we sell and have been since 2011.

Infections are more likely to occur if there is blood involved, and we don’t recommend using a jade egg around your cycle or shortly after, as it takes a little time for the vagina to work its magic and settle down a bit during and after menstruation.  If you suffer from fissures or scar tissue then we don’t recommend using a jade egg unless you are all healed.

Tampons, however, are absorbent and more likely to cause problems if not removed often enough, and they are in many cases a chosen method of menstruation management.     Dr. Sara also mentioned the risk of scratching internally and that there is no proven way of cleaning them safely.  Let me clarify this, you clean your egg before and after using it by either using vinegar and warm water (this is safer than using sterilizing fluid and chemical free), or you can use tea tree oil and water a few drops in warm water is fine.   Some sellers recommend boiling the eggs, but I don’t because I don’t want to damage the quality of the egg and it’s a bit overkill to boil them but I understand that sellers are now super vigilant about how they sell their eggs as everyone panics about bacteria.   The vagina is teaming with bacteria already and is actually self-cleaning if you would just leave it alone with all those horrible soapy products and femmy perfumes.  The best way to clean yourself is to use warm water and a flannel – don’t scrub too hard! Your vagina needs to have the right PH balance, and this is also affected by lifestyle especially drinking alcohol, eating sugary foods and junk.  Junk creates funk and creates bodily odor issues in general!  Your microbiome dictates the health of your gut and your vagina and colon, so eating cultured foods like sauerkraut, live yogurt with a very ripe banana (just banana no other fruit please) and taking care of your gut health, in general, is the way to go, and a high plant-based diet will also really help your alkalinity, leading to a naturally appealing body scent,  but i’m not here to dictate your lifestyle choices, only to make you aware that there is a strong element of truth in that we are what we eat .    You are also more likely to get a bacterial infection from an unclean penis than a jade egg.   If your egg is a certified smoothly polished to industry standard egg, and as long as there are no internal issues such as scar tissue, or undiagnosed conditions, you will not be harmed by your egg.  You don’t need to wear your egg 24 hours a day, and initially, I would suggest sticking to an hour at a time to ease into it,  and then just go with it, but some women like to wear their eggs all day long having a cheeky squeeze whenever they feel like it.  Please do take it out when you have a wee though, as the egg can sometimes push against the urethra when we go to the loo and prevent a full bladder release.

I recommend though that if you have long nails your more likely to scratch yourself with your nails than your egg, so be careful when inserting the egg if you like long nails lady and stick some marigolds on first before using it to avoid scratching yourself.  To this date, there has not been a proven case of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) as a result of using a jade egg, but there has been much speculation, and as a pro jade egg lover, it’s been quite a sad couple of years seeing a practice which has been used for thousands of years being slammed by certain ob-gyn professionals who think they know our vaginas better than us.  It is merely a choice in how we choose to do our pelvic floor exercises, and that is our god given right to make our own decisions.  I also have noticed silicone products often linked to their websites and blogs and some of these have inbuilt blue tooth devices – that is something I would personally never allow anywhere near my powerhouse, wifi and technology is already a huge drain on our energy so why on earth would we want to put something inside that has yet another signal.

Questions that came up after the interview in comments. 

How did she lift that can of baked beans through her trousers?

answer:  I am by no means a master of levitation using psychic forces and I’m not a member of the magic circle.  I just cut a small hole into my pants and trousers along the seam midway where my perineum is located and once the egg is inside (40x30mm) size with the nylon cord threaded through the hole I then just add the hook and shopping.

She mentioned sipping a cocktail through her back passage, is the egg in her back passage? 

No the egg is inside my vagina.  I used the visual of sipping a cocktail through a straw up my back passage to engage the correct muscles.  So Anus squeezed (not buttocks), relax all the way down, squeeze up, relax down, squeeze up, relax half way down (imagine the egg is in the middle of your vagina and it will follow), and then up up and then all the way down.  I then do a series of 10 or more if i’ve got time.

What If The Egg Gets Stuck Up There!  

Just don’t panic! they also won’t disappear into your womb via the cervix or into your stomach out through your mouth then coughing it up and out into your cocktail.  If your thread string accidentally does come out and the egg is still in there, just squat down as if your going for a number two, relax a little and push gently, your muscles are designed to give birth, you are certainly able to lay an egg with those same muscles – relax and then push!  One thing I must add is that if you use an I.U.D such as a marina coil, or any birth control in the cervix area, please consult your GP before doing any intimate weightlifting.

Will This Make My Vagina Super Tight?

A Vagina is designed by nature to be flexible and to stretch to impressive widths so that either a penis or a babies head can be accommodated.  If a vagina is too tight it’s not comfortable for either a head or a penis!  Before you get that designer vagina and all sewn up unnaturally,  try intimate weightlifting first, you don’t want to cut through any interconnected nerve endings and ruin the god given sensations your vagina has to offer just for the sake of having a vogue fanny – in some cases it’s necessary of course.  If you have had serious birth complications then that’s different and it is sometimes necessary to have an intervention like an episiotomy.

Your partner will be delighted when you get more involved and start using your internal muscles when making love.  Try and slow it down a bit and experiment together once you have got the hang of it and enjoy the results (I’ll be talking more about the sexual side of things at a later date), and guys if you are reading this blog you also need to step up a bit on how to please a woman in bed, so here is a recommendation for you to read.

Ladies back to you, even women who have had C-Sections do not get away scot-free without some pelvic floor issues.  The pelvic floor muscle which hangs from the Coccyx bone to the pubic bone is supposed to be like a taut trampoline and is there to support the bladder, the vagina, the womb, and the anus.  When a baby grows bigger inside of you the weight of the baby can put immense stress on the pelvic floor hammock.  But like any muscle, if you exercise it post birth and in turn encourage blood flow to this area, the circulation and exercise train the pelvic floor to get stronger and back to its rightful place.  It will not happen without the work!  Also sitting down watching hours of TV, or staring at your phone puts your whole body into bad alignment.  Get off the sofa and go for brisk fast walks, pulling up as you go,  pull up and engage when you cough, laugh, sneeze.  When walking don’t stare at your phone, put it away or in your bag, it’s time to start walking upright again and not slouching and squashing all your organs.


I have tried and tested many eggs over the years, and even used a scalpel on some of them to test for myself to see if they scratch.  Also the drill holes are often not correct.  Below is an example of a high-grade jadeite egg compared to a marble egg with the drill holes in the wrong place.  The one on the left is jadeite and the one on the right is a low-grade egg.

Jadeite and Marble

Jadeite and Marble








If you are looking for a jade egg and are interested it’s important to buy from a certified seller, and in my opinion the best stones to use are either hetian nephrite, nephrite stone, or jadeite.  Jadeite and nephrite are very dense in their interwoven structure, smoothly polished without the use of chemicals or dyes, and though more expensive than cheaper eggs, they also rise in value so they are an investment too, if you condition your pelvic floor using the exercises you will end up saving money in the long run.  There are also xiuyan eggs on the market which is a type of serpentine stone, these are lower in price and also very popular as an alternative and very popular.  Some women who are interested in the healing aspects of gemstones and who have more esoteric belief systems as a way of life, like to use stones like rose quartz.  Rose quartz is more fragile in structure, they can break easily especially if you drop them on the floor or boil them and they are best cleaned using warm water and vinegar, but each to their own.  The intention is a mind over matter thing, and if a woman’s intention is to heal herself using rose quartz for self-love and if it works for her this way, then good for her.

Do I need to smudge my egg from bad energy before use with sage? 

Errrr nope – it’s a stone, but if you believe in the power of intention then go ahead but be aware the neighbors may end up grassing you up because sage smells like an illegal substance and will make your house smell like it’s been on fire or something! just make sure you clean it before and after use with warm water and vinegar.  You can charge it under the full moon, or bury it in the garden, but you might lose it, plus the full moon is only once a month.  So for now forget being too esoteric, we are using our egg to sort our muscles out and that needs to start now.

The jade egg practice is used by millions of women all over the world for their intimate journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  This incredible stone egg has quite an interesting history that spans over a thousand years, and was originally only used by Queens and Concubines as an aid to strengthen their intimate muscles to please the king.  Apparently, the story goes back in those days, if the chosen concubines didn’t please the king well enough with their vaginal kung fu, they were often carted off to live in a cold castle for the rest of their lives – how miserable!

Luckily times have changed and now these eggs have been popularised in the west, and many women have developed a relationship with their egg for their own personal self-confidence and intimate strength and the awareness of them is on the rise.

After the show I was dropped home, and have to admit I did feel more nervous about going to the school gates than ever before, what on earth were people going to think of me if they saw it?  Luckily and gratefully two of my friends came up to me and gave me the warmest hug of support and we just had a nice group hug.  I had texts from my friends both male and female in support and family too.  My husband had some funny texts from some of his male friends pulling faces and holding cans of baked beans and we did giggle a lot at some of the comments.  I have also been discussing with some of my lady friends about doing some trials with them for research and we will be working with a qualified G.P as we go.  In the States trials have started with other jade egg practitioners and I hope that in the UK we can do the same, the more we do the work, the more likely the jade egg method will recover from all the negative press out there.  So watch this space from someone who walks the talk taut and leaky free.

I found this brilliant video on Instagram explaining the pelvic floor muscle and recommend you watch it if you have more time ;).

From the youtube channel mypfm


with love and kindness and openness