Sizes & Shapes and Weights and Quality.


We supply 4 different sizes and depending on which gemstones you use some of our gemstones are same size but are varying in weights.  Firstly we would like to say please don’t feel confused or panic!  The vagina is our unique design and can adjust to the sizes and weights – we are as human beings created by nature (or however you perceive us to be here on this earth) to accommodate the birth of a child.   Evolution though has changed in the past 100 years at a fast rate.  The post war generation, and improvements in our dietry options (please no junk food!), has led to a generation of new borns who are often larger in size and some women are not growing physically to accommodate larger babies, also known as macrosomia.  Genetically women are also getting bigger for various reasons which is often related to genetics, and also high fat contents, processed foods, and convenience fast foods.  Because of this epidemic and often lack of education, many women and babies have suffered birth traumas vaginally and C-sections are on the rise.   Even if you have had a C-section, your pelvic floor would still have been significantly pushed down so it’s vital to keep working these intimate muscles so that they can in time tighten and tone and in turn hold our vital feminine organs in their rightful place, preventing problems in later life like incontinence and prolapse.  By wearing the gemstones intimately you will become more aware of your intimate muscles and automatically begin your pulls ups and squeezes with something to work with, as the egg creates a resistance and by adding weights you will feel a more obvious connection.  If you are reading this and have had prolapse surgery or intimate surgery, we recommend that you discuss with your G.P or Gynecologist before investing in your jade eggs.  Also make sure that you are fully healed before starting your jade egg practise.

Intim Fitness

Intimate Weightlifting With Tatyana Kozhevnikova

As we age all our muscles begin to lose elasticity, so again it’s important to stimulate the muscles and keep the blood flow and circulation flowing to these areas.  Exercise alone doesn’t always bring wellness to our cellular health, and we recommend the paleo lifestyle, quitting sugar, and junk food, and juicing anti-inflammatory juices to keep you in good health both inside and out.   Muscle memory is quite an incredible thing, but we must work at it and not be complacent.  Even our younger generation of ladies are experiencing bladder incontinence which is often related to stress and a fast lane lifestyle.  Other factors that contribute to poor intimate health are:  desk life, slouching on the couch binging on Netflix, constantly stooping over the phone communicating by text, general laziness, and being sedentary all affect our posture, and our intimate health.    Gemstones also hold special qualities energetically, they are from our mother earth and natural.  There are many plastic gimmicky alternatives on the market, even bluetooth products that connect to your phone.  Put the phone down for a while and connect to yourself, your brain and your vagina are more closely connected than you may realise, and you don’t need any gimmicks to tune into this primal aspect of your self – and start moving!

If you are new to the jade egg practise and want to just try them first without spending as much we recommend the Xiuyan jade eggs, once you are familiar then we recommend investing in either the Hetian Nephrite or our very special set of Jadeite Jade, these stones are heavier in weight.  Kegels on their own don’t really work and it’s why we started this business in the first place and work with an expert in this field Tatyana Kozhevnikova who worked on our training video with us, so that our customers can really get the best out of their eggs and learn how to use them for life rather than spend money on something that ends up on the shelf – (don’t let your pelvic floor fall off the shelf!) instead learn how to use the eggs correctly and safely and more importantly efficiently – it’s fun too!  If you are unfit and looking for motivation for weight loss or gentle recovery, we recommend this audio programme to help with motivation.

The jade egg practise has been used by women in Asia for hundreds of years and initially only by women of a certain stature i.e Queens and Concubines, and thanks to the internet women of all over the world are discovering this useful and helpful practise and we at Jade Eggs Global think all women should have one who are in childbearing years and beyond.  The jade egg practise is not just about sexualising yourself to please your partner, it goes much deeper than that, this is about empowering yourself, grounding and connecting to the roots of your whole being – but yes we can agree that there are obvious benefits that come with it, and your partner will be delighted when you start practising some of your squeezes on him during love making – but for now lets focus on you.  Jade Eggs Global like to keep things lady like, and encourage our customers to not show off, but to take things slowly and steadily – you will feel far more benefits by being sensible about it rather than attempt to lift heavy objects before you’ve trained and familiarised yourself with the technique that Tatyana teaches.

Hopefully the images and idea of weights will help you but if you read on we also can recommend which set to choose depending on your age, experience intimately, and affordability.  We also would assure you that our company only choose the best quality eggs with our suppliers.  If you by cheaper ones you may end up with marble or fake jades that have imperfections.  We have done our own scratch tests with a stanley knife!  Some eggs have a vertical hole also, we prefer the eggs that have a horizontal hole in the narrow end, it’s simply a matter of choice, but we found that with a horizontal drill hole they are easier to thread and clean using non mentholated dental floss or nylon cord if you go into weightlifting technique as it’s more durable for holding onto weights.


There are varying qualities of jade, and much confusion alongside it.  When searching for Jade you may come across a confusing array of colours and qualities.  At Jade Eggs Global we like to keep things straight to the point and inform you as much as we possibly can to help you make your decision pending on what you can afford and which stones you feel attracted to.


Xiuyan jade also known as Xiu is one of our most popular sellers.  The rough Xiu jade is from the Liaoning Province in northeast China.  Xiuyan jade is often referred to as the first jade of China and is beautiful in it’s appearance with a celery green colour with milky shimmering flecks and semi-translucent.  It’s fine quality is heat resistant, erosion resistant, easy to carve and shape and smoothly polish, and is tough and safe to use for yoni exercise.  You will often find other sellers trying to tarnish the name of Xiuyan Jade, which is a shame and we disagree with this and have had them tried, tested and analysed.  If you spend less than $10 on a set, it’s likely you will get seconds or helu jade which is a made up name and that have imperfections so be warned!.

Stones like Helu Jade which is a marble stone is in our opinion very easy to scratch and harbour unwanted bacteria.  We at Jade Eggs Global have personally tried and tested the Xiuyan Jade eggs we sell, and have done scratch tests, used them, boiled them, thrown them, and dropped them.  As much as we encourage you to look after them we can assure you that Xiu jade is firstly a more affordable option as it is more commonly found, and with good care they will last a lifetime.  Despite testing them and scratching them ourselves, we don’t recommend you do this to your set.  To clean them it’s simple, just use some warm water with cider vinegar and soak them for a few minutes, rinse and dry.  If you suffer from intimate dryness you can then use raw coconut oil as a lubricant which is safe to use and excellent for the vagina.  During the drilling process, a food grade wax is used to prevent the powerful drill from damaging the newly handcrafted egg, so you will need to clean them first incase there is any residue left over which is harmless.

We sell two sets of Xiuyan Jade.  One is a larger set of the xiuyan jade which is recommended for women over 35.

We also sell the eggs in a hand crafted leather pouch with a loop and toggle that is decorated with a feather gemstone detail, this can be attached to your nylon thread and then add weights to it to enhance your workout.  You can use the velvet pouches too, but we will say that the leather one is stronger and designed specifically for intimate weightlifting and safe storage of your eggs when not in use.


xiuyan jade (click to purchase)

Xiuyan jade (click to purchase)











Hetian jade, also known as Hotan, and the dark green nephrite as “Bi Yu” in Chinese is located in northwestern China (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region), and has always been one of the best places to source genuine nephrite jade.  The colours of nephrite vary.  As a company and after much research and scratching our heads trying to figure out where to source good quality nephrite we chose to source our nephrite from the Xinjiang Manasi County which is located in northwestern Xingjiang along the Kunlun Mountains.   Nephrite jade can be found in Siberia, Canada, New Zealand, and varies in appearance.  Our personal preference was the Hetian Nephrite.  Infact we were so pleased with the stones we made our own exclusive stylish velvet pouch to keep them in.

Our Hetian Nephrite jade are heavier and denser in quality (nephrite is the buzzword for genuine jade eggs, however we like all our jades and want to give our customers choices on affordability.) Nephrite jade is higher in quality, heavier and very hard to scratch.

hetian jade 1000












Our Jadeite Jade eggs are the highest quality Jade we sell and are more expensive.  However they really are worth the investment because they are almost impossible to scratch and some would say as tough as diamond.  Jadeite is one of minerals that is recognised as genuine jade stone and is sourced from the Motagua Valley in Guatemala and was used by the Olmec and Mayan’s to carve tools and ornaments.  The most highly valued colours of jadeite are the most intensely green and we sell them.  The mottled green and apple green are stunningly beautiful, a pleasure to hold within and beautifully crafted and smoothly polished.   Our Jadeite are also certified.


Jadeite Weights in grams.

Our Jadeite comes in 5 different colours.  Apple Green, Mottled Green, Galactic Black,  Black and Lilac.  They all come in a hand crafted leather pouch with toggle so that you can add weights and do weightlifting.  Jade Eggs Global are the only company to sell our patent pending leather pouch also available in cork leather for Vegans.



A message from Kirsty.  “After the success of starting this business, and having basic knowledge of how to use my eggs I went on a quest to find out more about intimate weightlifting.  Also known to some as vaginal kungfu.  I came across a lady online called Tatyana Kozhevnikova and decided to contact her as I could see she had all the qualifications and experience in this field and is also very well known in Russia.  My quest was to work with her to help improve Jade Eggs Global as a trusted source for both the eggs and how to use them correctly,  and to help Tatyana translate her knowledge into all languages so that women all over the world could learn her methods and empower themselves.  Tatyana accepted my invitation and we set up a workshop in London over a weekend and spent up to 6 hours a day doing intimate weightlifting.  We then spent the following week creating a film which is almost two hours long.  Tatyana focuses on learning how to use the weights correctly and in the correct postures to get maximum results and this is now available as a video rental, so you can now do this workshop in the comfort of your own privacy.”



Here is a link to the video rental with the guiness world book of records holder Tatyana Kozhevnikova from Russia translated into English.

Intimate gymnastics» is a time-tested, exclusive method for muscles strengthening and rising of the sensitivity of intimate sphere and also for prophylactic and recovery of women’s and men’s health.

The program “Intimate Gymnastics” is patented by Tatyana Kozhevnikova, the only one woman in the world who can hold with intimate muscles the weight of 14 kg. The Guinness Book of Records, 2003.

She is a master coach in remedial gymnastics. Tatyana has got certificates of copyright in the U.S. (registration № TX 7-266-062) and also in Russia, № 6908.

Tatyana is a graduator from Siberian Academy of Physical Culture or SibGAFK is a University in Omsk, Russia. Tatyana is a master coach of PPL (Professional Psychotherapeutic League) and conducts psychotherapeutic trainings for men, women and teenagers

In the video Tatyana goes into great depth and shows the model how to use the weights in correct anatomical positions to avoid damage or misuse.