Leather Weightlifting Pouch (medicine pouch)

Soft Leather Weightlifting Pouch (medicine pouch)

Product Price: £15.00

Product Description

Our patent pending soft leather weightlifting pouch is our own unique design specially made for intimate weightlifting and to keep your yoni eggs safely stored. The pouch has been handcrafted by a local leathercraftswoman Artemis Leathercraft, and is made from lambs napper leather. The pouch is decorated with a gemsone and feather detail. You can use the pouch with your eggs by attaching it to the string with your yoni egg inserted and then follow our unique video rental by Tatyana Kozhevnikova and Jade Eggs Global showing you how to do intimate weightlifting and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Please note that this listing does not include any eggs, please check out website and view our selection of genuine gemstone yoni eggs.

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