kiRub – Black Obsidian

KiRub in soft leather pouch decorated with feather and gemstones.


Product Price: £120.00

Product Description

kiRub Black Obsidian

kiRub Black Obsidian

This black obsidian kiRub measures at a comfortable 11.5″ x 4″ girth and is wrapped in a beautiful soft handcrafted leather pouch decorated with feathers and gemstones, designed for self exploration and pleasure.  You will not find this design anywhere else on the market. Vibrators can be over stimulating and eventually cause numbness and this beautiful hand crafted gemstone toy will stimulate you gently and intensify orgasm by pressing on the many pressure points within the vagina.

Black Obsidian is made from molten lava that is volcanic glass, this unique sex toy is sure to give you many intense and explosive empowering eruptions of your very own.

The kiRub can also be used as a tool for pelvic floor toning.

This is a luxurious patent pending design exclusive to  It comes wrapped in a handcrafted soft leather pouch adorned with a feather and gemstone detail.  We ship globally.