Guasha Board ‘Rose Quartz’ in soft leather pink presentation pouch with feather and gemstone detail.

Rose Quartz Guasha board with soft leather presentation pouch decorated with feather and gemstone detail.

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This delightful facial Guasha board comes in a soft leather presentation pouch with a short and simple video instruction.  By using the Guasha board regularly on the face you will notice a difference to your skin tone, and facial muscles.  The Guasha board has been used by the Chinese culture for thousands of years and is a very effective way to self heal the body and various ailments.  By using the Guasha on the board using a scraping motion, blood flow increases, lymphatic drainage occurs, and in turn this stimulates cellular regeneration and helps with the natural removal of fine lines.  We recommend you use either coconut oil, or sesame oil with the board.

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rose quartz guasha on white back