Intimate Weightlifting For Beginners

In this short video Jade Eggs Global’s Mrs Wright (age 49) Mother of 3,  gives a brief introduction to show you how to safely lift weights using your jade egg.

But before you start please note if you have had any pelvic injury, have had major surgery on your reproductive area, back problems,  prolapse or are healing from childbirth, vaginal surgery including mesh construction please check with your G.P or gynecologist first before lifting anything with your vagina.   Make sure you are completely healed and free from any bruising.  If not done safely and sensibly there could be contraindications.  Do not attempt vaginal weightlifting if you are menstruating or use the egg whilst menstruating.   Jade Eggs Global accepts no responsibility if you choose to embrace this method.  If you have been alarmed by certain stories in the media saying that jade eggs are porous and could cause bacterial problems or TSS (toxic shock syndrome) please note that our eggs are not absorbent or scratched,  and if cleaned before use and after they are safe to use.   There have been no confirmed reports in history of a case of toxic shock syndrome using a jade egg.  So far it’s only been speculation based on assumption and not fact.  If you are still concerned you may use a condom with your egg if you wish.  If you are still really concerned, then do not use a jade egg for your pelvic floor.  We share only from experience and it’s your choice how you want to maintain your vagina. If your good to go – welcome :).

  • You will need the following: 1 thoroughly cleaned jade egg (large for women over 40 to start with ideally) or medium if you are already used to your egg and have noticed more strength in your intimate muscles.
  • some nylon thread which fits through the drilled hole
  • Some items around your house to use as weights (jade eggs global is using a few jars of Marmite spread).  125g 250g and 500g, you can also use a pouch with beans, rice, coins, jewellery, conkers!  Start using light weights first and slowly build up to heavier weights over time.  Do not start with heavy weights, you need to build up to heavier weights carefully and sensibly.
  • A sock (to put items in this is optional)
  • Some wire and duct tape (to seal in any sharp wire edges when securing your weights)
  • some hooks and clips (see video for more detailed explanation)
  • some privacy! (please do this in your own time and ideally when alone in the house)
  • relaxing music
  • patience
  • time

first turn off your phone or put on silence for half an hour, then watch the video.  If you are watching the video using your phone then stick it onto airplane mode as to not be disturbed.


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