bluetooth in my intimate area – no thanks!

Recently a friend of mine showed me a link to a new kegel exercise tool which has inbuilt bluetooth that connects to your phone.  This new product connects to your iphone and measures the contracts as you do your kegels, but is it just a gimmick?.   My personal opinion is that despite thinking it’s a great idea, and probably good fun in many ways, I believe through our own experience and training that to really enhance your intimate workout you firstly need to start using weights and also need to go inwards and really abandon your phone and trust your own natural born instincts to truly connect to your vagina and that  we are becoming enslaved to our digital life already as it is.  Women hold a lot of their stress in the womb area and also in the vagina, so it’s important to again really tune in when doing your intimate muscle training and to ‘feel’, and heal, rather than worry about how many squeezes you’ve done and stare at your phone.  Also data is data, and it’s not as private as we may think.

Also despite not really knowing much about how bluetooth works, i’m wondering if it’s a good idea to have these frequencies so close to our most intimate area and energy chakra – the moolhadara chakra which is located at the base of our spine.  By using natural gemstone which have their own god given energy and are safe to use, and again through my own personal experience I feel a deep connection and support from the stone and a more grounded feeling.  I have chosen not to digitise my vagina!

The choice is yours.

If you would like to know more about intimate weightlifting and learn from one of the worlds leading experts in this field Tatyana Kozhenikova from Russia who has over 20 years experience with intimate muscle health.  Together with jade eggs global we provide a feature length video showing all the useful positions and techniques to help get you started.  There is a short introduction video, and to gain full access there is a small rental fee.

Intimate muscle training workout video