About The Founder of Jade Eggs Global

Tatyana Kozhevnikova and Kirsty Wright

Jade Eggs Global was founded by Kirsty Wright who is a Mother of three children, age 49.

“I met a fellow Mother friend one day while out shopping.  She noticed my toe shoes (vibrams) and we started a conversation and were soon to become good friends.  We also both had young babies the same age and similar interests, and were also in our 40’s, at the time.

One day while I was at my friends house on a coffee morning, eating her delicious chia gluten free pancakes and celebrating the launch of her and her husbands new company the London Distillery Company she told me about her Jade Egg and I was really interested as I’d never heard of them before.  I then got one of my own and was amazed at how much more fun my kegel exercises were, and how I could actually feel a direct connection to my intimate muscles.   I initially used them while out on my barefoot run, or doing the housework and I felt my pelvic area become more and more familiar and re sensitized after my third birth and realised that this was something quite interesting to explore further.  In the UK we rarely talk about our Vaginas or the health of our pelvic floor area except for the odd comment about doing kegel exercises.  Personally kegels to me were boring and not something that I could be bothered with to keep up.  The jade egg changed all that and it got me thinking that it was time to find out more.

I did a lot of research  and finally found some trustworthy suppliers and started selling them very slowly and organically without over promoting them.  I thought that if they worked so well for me then perhaps other woman may benefit too.   Some women on those morning coffee meet ups were more open than others, but I found once the conversation started from my own experiences others soon started to open up too.  I have also seen that on the market there were plastic products or ones made that had a bluetooth device inside it.  The very idea of having those frequencies internally really alarmed me, plus some of us are trying to cut down on products that don’t biodegrade and I liked the idea of having something that was natural to work with.  My personal belief is that we don’t need all these fancy gadgets to run our daily lives, and that we must spend more time grounding ourselves away from screens and apps.  Connecting to our intimate muscles requires patience and instinct, and being distracted using phones to do our exercises is in my opinion more of a distraction than a focus.  Plus they are very costly!

There are many sources of information on the net which can often be quite overwhelming to take in relating to The Jade Egg Practice, and since 2017 there has been a lot of negative press about the safety of the jade egg.  As a result of the negative press I did more research including a few trips to my own G.P to get her point of view.  She told me that she used to work in sexual health and thought they were a great idea.  She also did before and after swabs on me to see if there were any dangerous bacterial changes as a result of using the egg, and to my relief there were none.  The eggs are smoothly polished, and only water is used during the polishing process and tumblestones.   There are eggs on the market that are not made of safe materials, we do not sell ones that are deemed unfit for internal useage.  We also recommend that if anybody is still not sure they can always use a condom with their egg if preferred.   Our eggs are certified and made from gemstones such as nephrite, jadeite and xiuyan jade.  These gemstones have been used for centuries.

After time I wanted to create something that had a gentle and authentic approach without women feeling under pressure to perform and most importantly to feel a sense of dignity while discovering this incredible enlightening method of pelvic floor health that covers all areas including sexual awakening, menopausal issues like dryness, and other psychological issues relating to past traumas.  I felt it was important to be very sensitive in how I approach this new method because not all women have had good experiences in life with their most private area.  I’ve always had crystals around the house and for me it was a joy to work with gemstones and start my new business slowly and steadily.

I decided to keep it simple and develop a no nonsense polite approach to help get women started as an audio program called ‘Jade Eggs For Beginners’, a program that can be enjoyed by women of child bearing years and beyond and that lacks crudity, for me personally it should be an accepted and normal thing to be able to connect to our intimate muscles without guilt or shame and all women should be respected and respect themselves with these matters.

In life I have  seen how women have been repressed in so many ways and have learned through research and discovery that there is a strong vagina/brain connection, especially after reading the works of Naomi Wolf * who has written a very insightful book called Vagina which speaks about dopamine levels in the brain and how a healthy and happy vagina can empower a woman to know her true and rightful potential.

As a result of the various skills I have developed over the years I was able to create a music audio program with clear instructions to accompany each sale with a PDF guide.  I was also very much aware that despite achieving great results personally with my own intimate health, I still had so much to learn, and that my journey to self discovery had so much more to uncover so I contacted the worlds leading expert Tatyana Kozhevnikova to invite her to the UK and join Jade Eggs Global and collaborate on a workshop so that she could then teach us some new skills relating to the jade egg practice and who has the best qualifications to do so.  Tatyana Kozhevnikova is the only woman globally who can lift 14kg with her intimate muscles, and in our opinion was the first woman to bring vaginal weightlifting into the public conscience.

Since the start of this journey, I have also discovered some other wonderful tools to aid relaxation, including facial toning using a Guasha Board.

Our hand crafted pouches are hand made and we also provide cork leather pouches for our vegans out there.  We source our nephrite and jadeite eggs from qualified and certified sources and only sell eggs we deem fit for safe usage.

*Vagina by Naomi wolf